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Availability at Pite Havsbad

We always try our best to make sure all guests can enjoy the same entertainment, relaxation, excitement and joy – regardless of your physical skills. We want Pite Havsbad to be open for everybody.

Unfortunately, some disabilities limit the possibility to enjoy some parts. With this information, we want to guide and help you plan your visit.

Download PDF for more information

In this document, we have gathered information about availability at Pite Havsbad. From elevator measurements, parking spaces and guide dogs to the availability in the water park. And some more! If you have audio description in your browser you can find all the necessary information down below.

Information about disabilities and availability (PDF)

If you still have any questions, we’re just a phone call away. Click here to get to contacts.



We always try our best to make sure all our guests can enjoy Pite Havsbad. This document is here to help you plan your visit.


We have two disability parking spaces 25 meters from the hotel. The main parking lot is about 50 meters from the hotel. Outside of Skeppet are two disability parking spaces 25 meters from the entrance.


Hotel lobby The entrance is at ground level and have automatic doors, 170 cm between door frames.

Hotel rooms

The hotel rooms are on multiple floors In two different buildings. Both of the buildings have an elevator to all floors. We have seven rooms built for disabilities. But over 100 rooms are big enough for wheelchair users.


There’s an elevator in all buildings. In the glass hotel the opening is 85 cm and in the older building it’s 90 cm.

• 2×1 meters big
• Automatic doors
• Bright fluorescent lights
• Alarm button
• Support handle

Disabled toilet

There are multiple disabled toilets in the building.
Doorframe measurements: 90 cm
Signpost on the door
Pull door handle from the inside
Armrest by the toilets
Bright fluorescent lights

Stairs and doors

All buildings have stairs and support handle.


The conference department is in the hotel building, at ground floor. All conference rooms have:

Good lighting
Good sound isolation
Good ventilation

Three conference room and the large congress hall, are hearing aid compatible.


The waterpark is on ground level and is easy to access with a wheelchair. The locker rooms have low placed lockers. Inside the waterpark, you can get by elevator to the second level and the sun terrace, bar, whirlpools and sauna. Lift to get in the pool and one whirlpool. Five disabled toilets.


The Spa is at ground level and easy to access by wheelchair.


The restaurant is at ground level and easy to access by wheelchair. A disabled toilet is just outside the restaurant.


Both the Pub and grill is at ground level and easy to access by wheelchair.


At bigger events, we always make room for wheelchairs. At the smaller ones in the restaurant you can easily fit a wheelchair at the tables.


The camping area is flat and easy to get around. Most of the roads are tarmac. All our Budget Cabins are renovated and have wide door frames, both on the outside and inside. Most of them have wheelchair ramp or equivalent. A temporary wheelchair ramp can be organized to some of the other cottages as well, order when making your reservation.


Skeppet (The ship) is 100 meters from the hotel. The entrance is at ground level. Automatic doors (push button). 84 cm between door frames. 1 disabled toilet. Most of the activities, the bar and restaurant is on floor 1. Most of the activities is suitable for wheelchair users, for example, bowling, dome cinema, recording studio and billiard. The adventure golf is slightly hilly.



The restaurant, Skeppet and Tavernan have vegetarian meals and Skeppet and The restaurant have lactose free meals. If you have any other allergies, don’t hesitate to tell us and we will try our best to fulfill your needs.


Guide dogs are allowed in all hotel rooms.


There’s no smoking in our cottages or in the hotel. Cats and dogs are allowed on the first floor in the K-hotel. Keep on a leash in common areas. We have plenty of cottages that are dog-friendly, just tell us when you make your reservation.


Tell us your special needs when you make your reservation so that you can have the best possible visit.